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Another QuickBooks Update!

QuickBooks has a new update! Below are just a few of the things that have changed!

Bank rules: Create rules to scan bank items for certain details, and then assign specific payees and categories to them. To get started, go to Transactions > Banking > Update > Manage rules (upper right corner)Send later: A Send later checkbox now appears on invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and related recurring transactions. This lets you change whether you want an individual form to be added to your send queue. To get started, go to Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate/Sales Receipt/Credit Memo.Timesheet changes:A  Billable checkbox now appears in weekly timesheets. Create (+) > Weekly Timesheets.Clicking the Save and new button defaults the date to that of the last saved single time activity instead of today’s date.Selecting a service item now includes its corresponding description.The Bill field is no longer obscured on narrow-width browser windows.When you click Copy last t…

QuickBooks Pro vs. QuickBooks Online

With QuickBooks Online you are able to track your business by location and manage all employees plus contractors!

With QuickBooks Online be able to see who has paid and who hasn't. You can even take pictures of receipts on your smart phone or tablet and then attach them to your QuickBooks Expenses! No more keeping a box full of receipts!

Below is why more people are switching to QuickBooks Online!

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QuickBooks Online iPhone and iPad App

With the release of the new iPhone we just wanted to remind you that with QuickBooks Online you can take your business everywhere! That new upgrade can come in handy!
With the QuickBooks Online app you are able: View more of your data, not just from the last 12 months.The Profit & Loss report lets you see how your business is doing.Use custom fields to track information specific to your business Use  location and class fields to get better insight into your salesUse service dates and statement memo fields to better categorize transactionsSmall businesses outside the US can now create and view expenses You can even capture receipts photos on your phone or tablet and then attach them to your QuickBooks expenses. No more saving receipts! 

Download the QuickBooks Online app today!

Paying Multiple Bills At Once!

Sometimes you end up having multiple bills to pay for just a single vendor. This is the best way to pay them all at once through QuickBooks!

Example: You have two bills that need to be payed for a vendor:

Create (+) > Bill > August 14: $235.19
Create (+) > Bill > August 18: $182.43
To save you and the vendor time, you can make one payment that applies to both bills.

Below are step by step directions on how to pay one vendor through QuickBooks!

Click Create (+) > Expense
1) Enter the payee name/company.
2) Choose a payment account.
Bills that are open for this vendor appear on the right.
3) Click Add all to add both bills.
4) Click Save.

Now you have payed all your bills for that vendor!

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QuickBooks Mac App

With the QuickBooks for Mac app you have some more perks then actually going on the website. Here are a few of them:
Stay Signed in: On the QuickBooks website it logs you out after a certain period of time. The QuickBooks for Mac app lets you have the ability to be signed in until you sign your self out! 
Loads Faster: The QuickBooks for Mac app loads much faster than the QuickBooks website. Get your work done much faster!
QuickView:  QuickView lets you know when something needs your attention, right on your desktop! 

Open multiple windows at once: This can be helpful when you need to look at things at once!
Download the QuickBooks for Mac app today!
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QuickBooks Online How To: Set Up Sales Tax

How to set up sales tax in QuickBooks OnlineAdd a tax rate and agency Click Add/edit tax rates and agencies in the Related Tasks list to the right. Click New and select either a single tax rate or a combined rate. Enter a name for the rate, the agency you pay the tax to, and the percentage for the rate. Use a single rate if you pay just one rate to a single agency. Click Save. The new rate appears in the Sales Tax Rate and Agencies List. You'll see the new rate in forms like invoices and sales receipts. You can edit a tax rate or tax name once you've added it. Add a combined rate with multiple agenciesIf you're required to track sales tax for more than one tax agency, consider setting up a combined tax rate. To add a combined tax rate:Click Add/edit tax rates and agencies in the Related Tasks list to the right. Click New and select Combined tax rate. Enter a name for the combined rate. Add the different sales tax components that make up the combined rate: component names, agencies, …

What's New In QuickBooks Online!

Show Attachments column on Expenses list:
 This shows the number of attachments per expense. Click a number to view thumbnails, and then click a thumbnail to open or download the attachment. Transactions >Expenses > Table Gear > Attachments

Copy bank description to memo:
Automatically copy the bank’s transaction description to the Memo field, making it visible on more reports, like General Ledger. Transactions > Banking > Table Gear > Copy Description. You don’t have to copy it yourself each time.

The Date filter now includes a choice for All dates:
Transactions > Sales > Filter > Date and Transactions > Expenses >Filter > Date.

New keyboard shortcut:
 Press the Esc key to close transaction forms (invoice, expense, etc.).

Other fixes:
You can now batch print more than 50 invoices at a time.
Voided invoices are now properly labeled on the customer detail page and sales transactions page.
Editing a customer’s address now reflects on transactions and recurring …

Converting From QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks Online

With QuickBooks for Mac 2014 you can transfer your data to the new QuickBooks Online!
In QuickBooks for Mac, choose QuickBooks > Check for QuickBooks Updates and update to the latest revision. After the update finishes and you restart QuickBooks, choose File > Export > To QuickBooks Online.
Then, once QuickBooks successfully copies and import your data, QuickBooks will send you an email. From there, sign in to see your data
It's that simple!

What if you don't have QuickBooks for Mac 2014?
 You can use the trial version of Mac 2014 to continue. In order to download QuickBooks for Mac 2014 Trial, you'll need Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or v10.8 (Mountain Lion). If you have an older version of Mac OS X, you will need to upgrade to v10.8 to continue.
Download QuickBooks for Mac 2014 Trial here:
Install QuickBooks for Mac 2014 trial and upgrade your data file.
In QuickBooks for M…