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Quickbooks Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Ever wondered if there's an easier  way to navigate Quickbooks Online?

Check out these time saving keyboard shortcuts.
Press Ctrl + Alt + any one of these keys to complete the desired task.

For more tips and tricks, visit the official Intuit Quickbooks website at:
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Important Quicken News via CEO

Important Quicken News via CEO

Mid July, Quicken CEO Eric Dunn released a letter to all Quicken users confirming Quicken will no longer be affiliated with Intuit. 

In the letter, Dunn also disclosed many changes and upgrades to the Quicken company and it's systems. 

Here's a recap of what to expect this coming year.
Quicken ID is being used less frequently (asking you to log on) resulting in a more efficient use of time while operating the appQuicken is changing the method of bank downloads in order to make data transfer more accurate and reliable, using an improved version of the existing system of EWC (Express Web Connect).The start up time of opening Quicken has been reduced, and the software has become much more user friendly. Functionality has greatly increased.Quicken has made improvements to their customer care department, claiming it is very “large" and the employees are "well-trained”. With call centers based out of Tucson, Boise, and Guatemala City, all agents …

Small Business: How to Blossom

Small Businesses: How to Grow
When you’re starting a business every penny counts. Business owners can increase with the following tools, that can save you time and money.

A Product Management Tool: As your business grows, it will be hard to keep track of all ongoing projects. It is also important to stay away from hoarding knowledge, where individuals become gatekeepers of information that is critical for others to do their job well. Project management software can counteract this by centralizing all projects and tasks in one place. Teamwork projects is a software that allows all team members to view ongoing tasks, what team members are collaborating on a project, and its progress.
An Accounting Tool: By using cloud-based accounting software you can free up time and minimize mistakes. It will automate tasks such as invoicing, taking payments, categorizing expenses and creating financial reports. QuickBooks was named the #1 accounting software in 2017, allowing you to keep track of the mon…


Upcoming Changes to Dispute Resolution

If you are using QuickBooks to process your payments, Intuit will be implementing new guidelines for simpler dispute resolution (also known as chargeback).Visa is the first payment network to announce their change. Please see Visa’s new guidelines. 
The new process will include these changes:
New categories- There will be 4 reason code categories grouping 25 reason codes.
Faster processing- These new reason code categories will be aligned with two resolution paths:
1.   1. Fraud and Authorization categories: These categories will make up the bulk of the disputes.Under a new process called “Allocation,” Visa will automatically check the dispute in real-time and either reject the claim as invalid or assign liability. 2.   2. Processing Errors and Consumer Disputes Categories: These categories will follow the similar process as exists today for challenging a dispute under the “collaboration” process.

Shorter dispute window- You will have a shorter time f…

Payroll Price Changes to be Aware of!

Payroll Price changes Effective April 1, 2018 Price increases for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, QuickBooks Assisted Payroll, Intuit Online Payroll, and Intuit Full Service Payroll are effective starting April 1, 2018 for both new and existing customers. For QuickBooks Desktop and Assisted Payroll, only the base fee is changing.
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll: New and Existing customers effective April 1, 2018**
Payroll Service Current Price* New Price* Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Basic Payroll $250 $25 $290 $29 Enhanced Payroll $390 $39 $450

What to Know Before Choosing a Bookkeeper

Five Things to Look for in a New Remote Bookkeeper * It’s hard enough hiring the right person for your bookkeeping needs when you had a stack of 100 resumes to review. Now you’ve got people spread out across the globe vying for your attention through email marketing, websites, social media…the list goes on. And it’s entirely true that when it comes to the physical tasks of bookkeeping, geography doesn’t matter much anymore. So with that said, how do you make the right choice in selecting a remote bookkeeper for your small business? To help you navigate, here are a few criteria to consider… Location, Location, Location This sounds strange, right? Remote, by definition, means not nearby. But hear me out, in this case, it’s not so much where your potential bookkeeper lives, but when they lived. Take into account time zones when deciding on a new bookkeeper. If you know you’ll need to talk on the phone, or are likely to request any given morning on short notice, will they be available (read:…

New Year, new way to view your mail!

New Year, new way to view your mail! Are you often checking your mailbox only to be disappointed? Now, you can save yourself a trip by using USPS Informed Delivery® This feature, found on USPS website at allows you to digitally preview your mail and/or packages before they arrive to your home. Informed Delivery allows you to preview the size of your mail, see who they are coming from and where they are in their journey from the post office, to you, all in one place! You can also provide instructions on where you want the package or reschedule your delivery if you are not home. However, not all areas of the country qualify for this service, confirm with your zip code using the link above before you begin. Once approved, you will be asked to create an account, verify your identity and have the ability to receive notifications. View your mail anytime, anywhere on any smart device for no additional cost!
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Changes to Nevada Quarterly Bonds

Nevada Quarterly Bond Assessments Eliminated as of 10/01/2017 As of the fourth quarter in 2017, The Nevada SUI quarterly bond assessment has been terminated.
However, the SUI average rate has stayed the same going into 2018. According to a representative from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR)
the department anticipates that it has repaid it’s outstanding bond balance completely.
Therefore, the Department had decided that the third quarter of 2017 is the last period that employers will
pay the bond assessment. Starting the fourth quarter of 2017, employers will not surrender a bond
assessment return or pay the bond assessment. As an employer, you should be receiving notice of the elimination of the bond assessment by mail before
the fourth quarter SUI tax return. Information for this blog was accumulated from Ernst & Youngs Newsletter. For more information,
please visit their website at to


New Tax Tables! As of 2018, The International Revenue Service (IRS) has established new income-tax withholding
tables to accommodate for the 1.5 trillion dollar tax overhaul. This updated version has been the first
major rewrite in 30 years. If you are not familiar with this newly passed tax cut, it provides large cuts to
corporations and the wealthy while giving mild cuts to middle and lower class. For the latest news on these tax cuts and information for this blog provided by: Below includes the table for Percentage Method for Income Tax withholding for wages paid in 2018.
For tips on how to interpret these tables visit:
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