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Quickbooks Format Changes

Your clients Quickbooks are changing!

Coming soon to Quickbooks, a change in formatting. Originally, your clients displayed a classic form template. In the next couple of weeks, this will be replaced by the standard form template. However, this will be a simple transition! These two formats are very similar and will be easier for you and your client to display information.

Quickbooks has also taken the chance to redesign the screen layout for a less cluttered look. They have also added some new sales form styles and custimization options. WIth this new update your clients will be able to:  Select from multiple templates with different designsExperiment with various colors within statementsPick from a variety of fontsTo make sure the new form meets your needs, theres are many customization options.
To open your templates, click the Gear icon > Custom Form Styles.  To change the Standard style for all types of forms, click Edit orNew style and then select Invoice, Estimate, Quote or Sales…

What's New: Mobile Time Tracking

New Improvements this Month!
When using Quickbooks online, you now have the ability to track time more efficiently than ever. Not only does this option have a better look to it, but are now included on your computer and mobile phone. Not only does the mobile option make it easier on employees to report time, but employers to record it. Below, we have displayed both computer and mobile views.

With an update to this option, its goal is to encourage more interaction. Time-tracking employees can enter in time sheets weekly, or by activity. You can also observe summaries for a certain time period as well.

Benefit Alert! Solely time-tracking users are non-billable, so small business owners can add as many time trackers and they need in order to run their business efficiently! 

Have fun time tracking with this new and improved feature! 
For more information, feel free to visit Quickbooks Website @

As always.... G…

When to Post on Social Media: Best and Worst Times

Does your small business have a social media presence?
To expand your presence on social media, it's crucial to be online when your customers are. In order to get the most active viewers per post, schedule when you are sharing the posts you want everyone to see. Audiences differ from site to site, so make sure you know who you are appealing to and when to do it.
Here are the most popular times of day people use the top four social media platforms:

For more informative facts like these, visit and check out our personal page: @QbGal

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Expensive Easter? How NOT to Break the Bank This Holiday

There's no doubt that holidays such as Christmas can put a hole in our wallets, but Easter?

According to the National Retail Federation, American's who have decided to celebrate Easter this year are spending on average $152. This sets and new record and is up 4% from last year.

Not in the mood to drop almost 200 dollars this weekend? Here's some things you may want to avoid to not break the bank, or your holiday spirits this Spring.

#1 Food

Over 87% of Americans celebrating Easter spend a majority of their budget on food. Much of this goes to the classic Easter dinner. Combined $5.8 billion nationally will be spend on food for the home for Easter 2017.

In  order to save some money on feeding your loved ones, it may be cheaper to hold a brunch instead. On average, breakfast/lunch foods do not hurt your wallet as much as a full blown dinner would. Make sure when shopping for ingredients, that you make a list and keep to it. Don't let your kids influence you to buy more desser…

2017 Nevada Bond Rates

2017 NEVADA BOND RATES What is the Nevada Bond and why do I have to pay?
Nevada received federal loans to pay unemployment insurance benefits. To repay the loans, Nevada issued out bonds. To repay the bonds, all contributory employers, in addition to paying UI taxes, must also pay quarterly bond contributions. (NRS 612.6102-612.6134)  Bonds Issued to Repay Federal Loans.

The State of Nevada has issued special revenue bonds, as provided for in recent legislation SB515, for the purpose of repaying federal loans needed to pay unemployment benefits. An advantage to using bonds to pay for these loans is that Nevada will no longer be a federal unemployment (FUTA) credit reduction state for the 2013 tax year, restoring the full federal credit offset of 5.4%. Additionally, with the loans being repaid, no future interest associated with them will be accruing. Contributory employers subject to Nevada unemployment insurance (UI) taxes will be required to pay a quarterly bond assessment to cover the…

Intuit Quickbooks Introduces Reorder Points

You now have the ability through Inuit's latest version of Quickbooks to take control of your businesses inventory. 

With the newest update, the most recent Inventory Reorder Point feature lets you set a minimum quantity of a product to keep on-hand at all times. Once the on-hand quantity is at or under the assigned threshold, QuickBooks will notify you to order more stock, as well as easily creating a purchase order to restock those items. This helps you not run out of stock when customers need it the most!

Also, this new feature takes the stress off of counting inventory. With easy to read tables and all your inventory data in one spot, it is a breeze to navigate through cash flows and inventory levels. 

Setting a reorder point

You can create a reorder point when you add new inventory items into QuickBooks. To set it up for an existing item follow the steps below.

1. Click the Gear icon → Products and Services.
2. Find the inventory item in the list.
3. In its Action column, click Edit…

Quickbooks Phishing Scam

The Better Business Bureauhas given  warning about a new e-mail scam that specifically targets users of Intuit's Quickbooks accounting software. 

An emailwill arrive in your inbox. The subject of this email may be something like "Quickbooks Support: Change Request". According to "Accounting Today", the email is asking for you to confirm that you have changed the name of your business and provides a link to click to reject the request. Once the link is clicked on, it leads to a website that will download malware to your device. Once malware is on your computer, it allows people to look into your computer, take passwords, and breach on other personal information.
Look outfor believable emails as this one, and never click on the links. In order to make sure if it is legitimate or not, check the reply email address or hover over the link to see what web address it will be taking you to. They may try to send you to a familiar sounding link, but look for typos and punc…

It's Monday...

If your favorite day of the week is Monday, you're probably one in a million. Even though the beginning of the week may be tough for a lot of us, here are some cute, inspirational quotes to pick yourself up. Make this week the best one yet!

All of us at the Quickbooks Gal hope you make the most of each day you are given! Have a great week and keep your head up. You're worth it!

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2017 Pay Roll & Mileage Rates

2017 Payroll & Mileage Rates A few rates relating to payroll and mileage have changed since last year. Here is a list of updated rates to keep you and your employees in the loop!

Payroll rates and bases
Employee Social Security - 6.20% Employer Social Security - 6.20% Employee Medicare - 1.45%* Employer Medicare - 1.45% Social Security wage limit - $127,200 Medicare wage limit* - Unlimited FUTA-tax wage base - $7000 FUTA rate - 6.0% FUTA maximum credit - 5.4% Min. FUTA deposit rate (most firms) - 0.6%
*Withhold added Medicare tax of .9% on wages over 200,000
Standard business mileage rate - 53.5¢/mi

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Small Business? DON'T Make These Tax Filing Mistakes

Top 5 Sales Tax Filing Mishaps

Are you a small business owner dealing with taxes to do this season? Here are a list of things to avoid when filing. 
1. Not paying attention to different rules for different states
When you cross over borders, sometimes the rules may and probably will change. Each state has their own way of doing sales tax compliance's. These rules can vary in due dates, formats, penalties and more. Make sure if you are covering a variety of states that you have all your ducks in a row before you begin!

2. Not filing for anything because you didn't have any tax Just because you didn't collect any taxes throughout a certain period, doesn't mean you don't have to file. Most states make you do filing for periods that you didn't collect anything at all. If not completed, you may be penalized! Be on the look out and don't blow off filing just because you had no data for that period. 
3. Recording wrong numbers
When given a lot of data, it is often easy t…

Need a Raise? Here's How to go About it

HOW TO: Asking for a Raise

You think you deserve more for your effort, but it may be nerve wracking asking for recognition. Here are five ways to go about approaching your boss about a raise according to
1. Avoid asking towards the beginning of the week
Monday's aren't great for anyone. Monday's are proven to be the most stressful and dreaded day of each week. Asking your boss for a favor on that day is a sure-fire way to receive a negative response.  
2. Capitalize in the mornings In the mornings, the work place is often the most formal and organized, therefore being a good time to talk to your boss. Studies show that people are the most ethical in the morning, and throughout the day their decision making becomes more inconsistent. Just make sure you have waited for your boss's morning cup of coffee to kick in 😉
3. Save the food for after wards
This one may seem a little odd, but according tostudies performed at Cornell University, people tend to …

Does Your Wallet Contain More Than you Think?

What's in Your Wallet? That $1 may be worth more than you think

We all know gold, antique coins can be traded in for more than their initial worth, but did you know about dollar bills? You could trade in those one dollar bills, that you may already have in your possession, for hundreds or thousands of dollars!
Recently, has come out with a list of rare, patterned serial numbers printed on dollar bills that collectors are on the look out for and are willing to pay you for. 

These include:  At least seven like numbers in a row, or even in no particular orderNumbers that repeat over and over (For example, 23232323)Double Quads, which is four like numbers followed by another batch of another four like numbersRadar Repeaters, which are like numbers grouped in twos (For example, 11001100)Trailing zeros, which are any combinations that end in 00

There are also other unique serial numbers, more than ninety different combinations, that can be turned in for cash, so make sur…

Tax Season Scammers: Don't be a Victim!

TAX SEASON SCAMMERS:  Don't be a Victim

With tax season, comes scams. When reading the February 2017 issue of the General Ledger (Vol. 34, No 2) I came across an article warning the consequences of falling into a common scheme and how to avoid it this Spring.

These scams were aimed to trick accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals. It all starts with a phone call or an email.

Over the phone, once the potential victim is reached, the person on the line will act as if they are with the IRS. They will ask you to verify certain details regarding your personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card info. They may even read you data and ask if it is correct.You may also receive an email asking for the same information.

In addition, you may receive a message over email telling you there are software updates that need to be performed on your computer. Once you hit download, a program automatically floods your computer stealing your information through your keyst…

SCAMMER ALERT: Can you Hear me?

SCAMMER ALERT! Can you hear me?

Answering this simple question over the phone may put you in an unwanted situation. Across the United States, people just like you and I are becoming victims of a scam.
It all starts with a phone call
Often times, the number trying to reach you is from a familiar area code, which increases the probability of you picking up. Once on the line, you will most likely hear a kind voice. Sometimes they will tell you a little bit about themselves and what company they are with. Then, they may ask you something along the lines of "Can you hear me?". 
Do NOT say yes
Saying yes to this innocent question, often actually spoken by a recording, will cause you to be a victim of a scam. The "yes" or "sure" you recite will be recorded and then played back to accept various offers. Some common bills have been from cruise lines and homeland security companies. They may also use your voice to confirm charges on a stolen credit card, to pass security …


Nevada Sales Tax to Increase  in Select Counties
If you are a resident of Washoe or Clark County, make sure you are informed and aware of these sales tax hikes in just a few months.

"Those who collect and remit Sales and Use Tax will need to make changes to business processes as necessary to collect tax at the new rate. Businesses should be sure to file the most recent tax return forms. Filling online at Nevada Tax Center is the best option to ensure up-to-date tax rates." 
If you have questions or need more information, please call the Nevada Department of Taxation at: 866-962-3707

Information from this blog, as well as tax returns can be found on the Nevada Department of Taxation website:

Also, if you have any concerns regarding the new tax raises you may also feel free to contact us here at the QuickBook Gals. 
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5 Ways to Defeat the Cold this Winter

5 Helpful Tips to Defeat the Cold this Winter

It's that time of year again, where the cold is really hitting hard. Around this time, you are most likely dreaming of laying on a beach somewhere and praying that your car heater prevails through the 10 degree weather. Here are some tips to keep your spirits up, even though the temperature is down:
1. Stay Active
The winter is known for being a time where most people get the blues. The sun is rarely out, it's easy to stay in bed all day. Make sure you are staying active! One great thing about the cold is that you can participate in many winter sports you may not have the opportunity to do any other time of year. Exercise is proven to lift spirits and now is the perfect time to dust off those skis!
2. Avoid Cold and Flu

Along with exercise, staying healthy and away from cold and flu is another way to keep yourself going during the winter. Nothing quite gets your down like bad weather and sickness. Make sure you are washing your hands re…