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2016 W-4 Form

The 2016 W-4 Form has been released! 
Below is the link
Make sure to print out and give to employees ASAP!
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QuickBooks Online Updates: Check Out What's New and Improved

Check out what is new and improved on this new QuickBooks Online update!

Bank Feed: Now you can edit the check number in the bank feed! Left nav > Transactions > Banking >  table gear > Check no Once that is finished you are able to change the check number 

Inventory Tracking: Now be able to see the quantity available when you enter in a sales form. Now when you are creating an invoice and enter an inventory item QBO will tell you how many is available or if you are out of stock. 
QuickBooks Online is the easiest and fastest way to run your business. With the mobile app you can check up on your business anytime, anywhere!  Now there is a QuickBooks Online Desktop App for Mac and Windows, allowing you to always be signed in, work in multiple tabs at once, and it is faster! Check out why we love it so much!

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Tax Season Is Almost Here!

It may be the holiday season but it is also get prepared for tax season season! 

Time to start gathering your supplies!  Here is what you might need:
W-2 1099 and plenty of envelopes! You can get these at any office supply store
IRS also gives out free forms at 800-829-FORM
You can order extra transmittal 1096 and W-3 forms from there
Happy Holidays! 

The QuickBooks Gal Is QuickBooks 2016 Certified!

QuickBooks 2016 is here!  And The QuickBooks Gal is certified to help you with it! 

There is so much to love about them!

QuickBooks Premier:
Bill Tracker: Have an instant view of money-out, no more printing out multiple reports or gathering data Get Paid Faster: Email invoices to customers that will allow you customers to pay you straight from the email

QuickBooks Pro:
Advanced Reporting: New filter: This year to last month Improved Forms: Manage your forms in one simple step

QuickBooks Enterprise: 
New Advanced Reporting: New templates for any type of report so you can pick and chose which reports you want to run Auto-Copy Shit-to Address: When creating a purchase order from a sales order, simply check a box to copy over the ship-to address Invoicing: Send bills to customers through email so you can get paid faster

Pay Sales Tax in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Verify the Taxes Due: VendorsSales TaxSales Tax Liability
Make sure that the dates of liability are LAST MONTH - note the amounts due to each agency and the amounts due:

Return to Vendors, Sales Tax, then select Pay Sales Tax:

When the window opens, pay one agency at a time…first do the one that exact (typically NV Dept of Taxation – City of East Bayshore in this example). Be sure to set the correct bank account from which to deduct the monies, then set the date of the withdrawal and most importantly, set the tax liability date – should be last month under show sales tax due through date. Finally determine if you want QB to assign a check number or if you prefer to do so at a later time, select “to be printed":

Now return to Vendor, Sales Tax, Pay Tax window to pay the taxes that require rounding: Select all taxes (they both go to the same tax agency) Select the ADJUST button In this example, the payment can be rounded up or down…we will round up to 1637.00

Follow the example above:

What To Do In Reno This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching! Thanksgiving is next week which means the start of everything Christmas starts less than 10 days! Here are a list of family fun activities to do this Holiday season! 
Nov 14 - Apr 24 Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants Learn more about how to protect the big fish in the world!
Where: The Discovery - Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum 490 S. Center Street Reno, NV 89501
November 19th : Winter Wine & Ski Expo Enjoy live music, wine, beer and a silent auction!
Where: Atlantis Casino Resort Spa 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

November 22:
Holiday Wine Walk Grab the girls and go on a fun wine walk through Reno! 
Where: Great Western Marketplace 1-3:00 pm
Reno Big Horns Cheer on the Reno Big Horns!
Where: Reno Events Center 6-9:00 pm
November 24 -December 27
Ebenezer: A Musical Christmas Carol Watch this Christmas classic and support local theater! 
Where: Eldorado Resort Casino 345 N. Virginia Street Reno, NV 89501 Visit their website for tickets

November 26:
Reno's Wo…

Having Problems With The New QuickBooks Online Desktop App?

Did you download the new QuickBooks Online Desktop App? It's great! You can access your QuickBooks in one click! 
Although we are experiencing some glitches. Unable to log in? Restart your computer Check your internet Double check your login and password
Still unable to login?
Go online and log in through here
You should be able to log in and get right into your books! 
Check out why we love the Desktop App

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is finally here! That means snow, ice and very very cold mornings
Here are some tips to help winterize your car and be safe this winter!

Check your tires, make sure they are fully inflated  Never mix your tires, this means don't have two studs and two regular tires Do not use cruise control when it is icy, raining or snowing Keep your gas tank at least half way full to avoid gas line freezing 
Accelerate slowly and take plenty of time to stop at a red light or stop sign. If you try to speed up and it is snowing you have more chances of losing control
Never use hot water to defrost your windows, your windows will crack
Cat Litter, keep it in the back of your car to give some extra weight to the end of your car. Plus if you get stuck in the snow you can use it to help get your car out
Avoid hills and especially avoid stopping on hills. It is hard to get traction when it is snowy or icy, and if you stop there is a good chance you can't get going again
Do not tailgate, the slower you …

October QuickBooks Online Updates

QuickBooks Online has updated! Here are the new features!
Inventory Tracking:
"Item" Drawer: Clicking NEW now displays a drawer where it allows you to create a new product or service Gear > Lists > Products and Services > New.

Three Item types: QBO only allowed you to have two item types, now there are three! Inventory Item: Any item you buy or sell and need to track the quantity you have on hand  Non-Inventory: Any item you buy but don't need to track the quantity Service: Any service you provide to customers, such as training or installation 

Bank Feeds:
Mark a bank transaction as a billable expense and assign it to a customer:  Left nav > Transactions > Banking Find the transaction, click billable then chose the customer to bill it to.
Add an attachment to a bank transaction: Ever wanted to attach the receipt or a photo to a bank transaction? Now you can! Left nav > Transactions > Banking Find transaction then click attachment

Registers: Register is now on the homep…

The QuickBooks Gal Loves XERO

Xero is an accounting software for small businesses. It is great for invoicing, bank reconciliation, reporting, and contacts.

Benefits of switching to Xero:

Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cashflow. 

Get paid faster with online invoicing! 

The invoice will send to your client and they will be able to pay you, straight from the email! You will even have a notification when they open the email! So no more "I never got that email"

Run your business on the go with the mobile app! Use the mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, and create expenses

Xero imports and categorizes your latest bank transactions so all you have to do is click OK to reconcile.  That easy!

Call The QuickBooks Gal today to get started on XERO!

QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

Because we like making your life a little bit easier we have created a keyboard shortcut for QuickBooks Online :)
For the full list visit:
Entering Dates: Next day + (plus key) Previous day - (minus key) Today T First day of the Week W Last day of the week K First day of the Month M Last day of the month H First day of the Year Y Last day of the year R

Choose items in drop down list: Press Tab until you reach the field. Press Alt + down arrow to open the list. Press up arrow or down arrow to move through the items in the list. Press Tab to select the item you want and move to the next field. If you don’t want to open the whole list, but just want to scroll through the items in the text box, press Ctrl + down arrow or Ctrl + up arrow.  

Save Forms: press Alt + S instead of clicking Save.   In Firefox and Chrome use Alt + Shift + S.  Mac users it is Option + Control + S.
More Keyboard shortcuts:

The QuickBooks Gal …

It's Flu and Cold Season!

Flu Season is upon us! That means it is time to prepare ourselves to not get sick!
Way to prevent it: Wash hands regularly Drink plenty of liquids, water, soup, ect Get a Flu Shot! Most places with a pharmacy give flu shots for a cheap price, some may even do free days! 
When that doesn't work: Time to start getting better!
Drink plenty of tea: With honey and lemon! Drink plenty of water! 
Disinfect everything! Door handles, sinks, vacuum, wash your sheets a few times till you are done being sick! Wash away all the germs so you don't get sick again or make others in your household sick!
Soup! It's an old grandma trick but it works! Chicken noodle soup is the best, make sure you drink the broth! 
Get plenty of rest, you may not be able to take a day off work or school but it is important to get plenty of sleep! Go to sleep early if you can't take a day off and maybe skip the make-up routine so you can sleep in a little bit later
Take a hot shower, the steamier the better! It will h…

We Have A New Look!

The QuickBooks Gal is getting a makeover! We still will help you with Bookkeeping, Payroll and more but we will also specialize in helping you with QuickBooks Online! Check out our newly designed website!
Not only that but we are now certified with XERO!
Easy To Use Log in at anytime to see invoices, bank statements and bills all on your dashboard.
Plus Xero has a mobile app so you are able to check on your business anytime, anywhere.
Payroll With built- in timesheets your employees can easily manage their time and attendance. You will be able to minimize compliance risks and increase employee productivity. Xero automatically calculates the hours for you.

Tax Easily prepare and send out 1099's and W2. Xero automatically adds Sales Tax to all items, making sure all sales are accurate. You can also prepare and submit sales tax returns in a matter of minutes!

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Tips To Get Paid Faster With QuickBooks Online

Want to get paid faster? Of course you do!  With QuickBooks Online you can! Information from:

Change your payment term to Net15, meaning your customer has to pay you in 15 days or less To set payment terms, click Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Sales form content > Preferred invoice terms. If you think your clients will not understand what Net15 means, simply change it to in 15 days. You can even set it for Net30 if you want to give your customers more time.

Check in with your customers before emailing the invoice. You can call or email asking how if they loved your service and if there is anything more you can do, then tell them that their invoice will be coming to them shortly.

How to Send an Online Invoice With QuickBooks Online you can create invoices with your logo and a small text informing your customer that they have a payment due..even better they can pay you right from the email!
To set it u…

QuickBooks Online Update

There is a new update for QuickBooks Online! Making it easier to use and creating less work for you!

Inventory Tracking: Now be able to upload a product image and create individual SKU for every inventory item Be able to see more products in one list Copy existing items by clicking duplicate so you don't have to re manually add them Make multiple inventory items inactive by going down the list and checking the boxes next to your inventory items

Emails: There is now a cleaner look to the emails that are sent out to clients reminding them their payments are due. Making you look more professional! 

QuickBooks Online now has a Desktop App for Mac and Windows! Be able to open your QuickBooks straight from your desktop! You can even have multiple pages up so you can work on different businesses at once!

QuickBooks Online is made to make your life easier! Call The QuickBooks Gal today to start working on your QuickBooks Online, it does most of the work for you so you can spend more time doing the t…

New Desktop App For QuickBooks Online

Good news QuickBooks Online users! There is now a QuickBooks Online App for Windows and Mac!

Check out the amazing new features:
Get straight into working by just clicking the desktop app!
Pages now load faster, no matter waiting!
You can stay logged in, which means you can start wherever you left off!
Use the same keyboard shortcuts you already know and love!
Save time with automatic refresh of open windows—when you edit an expense, an open report in another window will automatically refresh with the data.
Easily work within multiple windows that you can drag and drop anywhere, even across screens and side by side.

You can fire up the QuickBooks Online App straight from your desktop!

QuickBooks Online is made to help you make running your business a lot easier. With the QuickBooks Online app you can check up on your business anytime, anywhere with any smartphone or tablet!

Have any questions or concerns? Call The QuickBooks Gal!