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Managing your Business Finances like a Pro: Getting Started

Begin managing your finances using QuickBooks with these simple steps and quick tips.
Getting Started Consult with your accountant and discuss the use of QuickBooksBuy and Install QuickBooks pro (You can buy through us here)Structure your various accounts- Start with the minimum number of accounts, then expand.Establish an accounting routine that works for you and stick to it.Work with your accountant and keep in close contact all year round.

Good Accounting Habits Record Transactions regularly. Including but not limited to:     Buying/Expense: bills, checks, credit, paying employees, contractors     Selling/Income: estimates, invoices, sales     Credit Card TransactionsReconcile accounts monthyUpdate financial statements quarterlyBe as accurate and Consistant as possibleFix mistakes as they happen (They are fixable!)
Set Up Your Budget It is simple to set up your company’s budget in QuickBooks. The program allows you to create one budget per fiscal year for each account, customer or job,…

Nevada Tax Increase

White Pine County is increasing sales and use tax rate. 
Effective July 1, 2012 the White Pine County Tax Rate will be increasing from 7.475% to 7.725%

The White Pine County Commission voted to reinstate a local option sales tax.  The proceeds of this tax will
go towards the operation and maintaining of an indoor swimming pool for White Pine County.

Those who collect and remit sales and use tax will need to make changes to business processes as necessary
in order to collect the new rate.

View the official document here.

QuickBooks Made Easy (Shortcuts for PC)

Do you use QuickBooks often? Here are some quick shortcuts to make your QuickBooks experience a little simpler!

QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts The Basics Power Shortcuts Activity Key Activity Key To start QuickBooks without company file Ctrl + Double click Account List, Display Ctrl + A To supress the desktop windows (at Open Company Window) Alt (while opening) Check, Write Ctrl + W Display Information about QuickBooks