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Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Pricing Changes

The following updates to payroll pricing will apply to new and renewing Intuit QuickBooks Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted Payroll customers in the coming months.

Basic and Enhanced Payroll, effective 9/1/2012Annual subscribers will be charged the new price at the time of their renewal. Additional fees may vary, depending on your clients' service plans.
Payroll ServiceAnnual SubscriptionMonthly SubscriptionBasic Payroll, 1 to 3 employees$149 per year$14.90 per monthBasic Payroll, 4 or more employees$2491 per year$24.901 per monthEnhanced Payroll, 1 to 3 employees$329 per year$32.90 per monthEnhanced Payroll, 4 or more employees$429 per year$42.90 per month1This price is unchanged from current rates.

Assisted Payroll, effective 7/15/2012
Payroll ServiceMonthly SubscriptionPer-employee Fee2Assisted Payroll$79 per month$1.50 per payrollAssisted Advantage$135 per month3$1.50 per payroll2The per-employee fee is unchanged from current rates, but…