SCAMMER ALERT: Can you Hear me?

Can you hear me? 

Answering this simple question over the phone may put you in an unwanted situation.
Across the United States, people just like you and I are becoming victims of a scam.

It all starts with a phone call 

Often times, the number trying to reach you is from a familiar area code, which increases the probability of you picking up. Once on the line, you will most likely hear a kind voice. Sometimes they will tell you a little bit about themselves and what company they are with. Then, they may ask you something along the lines of "Can you hear me?". 

Do NOT say yes

Saying yes to this innocent question, often actually spoken by a recording, will cause you to be a victim of a scam. The "yes" or "sure" you recite will be recorded and then played back to accept various offers. Some common bills have been from cruise lines and homeland security companies. They may also use your voice to confirm charges on a stolen credit card, to pass security checks, and so on. 

When you receive the bill, you may try to argue or deny it, but when you do the scammer will play back your yes as "confirmation", making it look like you agreed to the charges. Often times, they will threaten to take legal action if you do not pay the bill.

Many times this scam is not reported, for people are too embarrassed to admit that they fell for it. 

If this happens to you

Make sure to hang up the phone immediately, and contact the police. DO NOT say any words relating to confirmation. 

To avoid this scam

- Do not answer any numbers you are not familiar with, even within your own area code.
- Try to avoid giving out your personal cell number.
- Do not confirm your cell number over the phone. 
- Try to not answer any questions over the phone from people you don't know.
- Be smart!

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