Does Your Wallet Contain More Than you Think?

What's in Your Wallet?
That $1 may be worth more than you think

We all know gold, antique coins can be traded in for more than their initial worth, but did you know about dollar bills? You could trade in those one dollar bills, that you may already have in your possession, for hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Recently, has come out with a list of rare, patterned serial numbers printed on dollar bills that collectors are on the look out for and are willing to pay you for. 

These include: 
  • At least seven like numbers in a row, or even in no particular order
  • Numbers that repeat over and over (For example, 23232323)
  • Double Quads, which is four like numbers followed by another batch of another four like numbers
  • Radar Repeaters, which are like numbers grouped in twos (For example, 11001100)
  • Trailing zeros, which are any combinations that end in 00

There are also other unique serial numbers, more than ninety different combinations, that can be turned in for cash, so make sure to check out the whole list at and to read more on this topic, visit

Now, time to open up your wallet and check those dollar bills to see if you're a winner!

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