Quickbooks Phishing Scam

The Better Business Bureau has given  warning about a new e-mail scam that specifically targets users of Intuit's Quickbooks accounting software. 

An email will arrive in your inbox. The subject of this email may be something like "Quickbooks Support: Change Request". According to "Accounting Today", the email is asking for you to confirm that you have changed the name of your business and provides a link to click to reject the request. Once the link is clicked on, it leads to a website that will download malware to your device. Once malware is on your computer, it allows people to look into your computer, take passwords, and breach on other personal information.

Look out for believable emails as this one, and never click on the links. In order to make sure if it is legitimate or not, check the reply email address or hover over the link to see what web address it will be taking you to. They may try to send you to a familiar sounding link, but look for typos and punctuation that may set it off. Also, if this isn't how Quickbooks usually contacts you with issues like this, you may raise suspicion.

If you come across anything like this, Intuit encourages you to visit https://security.intuit.com to educate and protect yourself against scams. 

Make sure to visit Accounting Today and The Better Business Bureau for more on this information.

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