Expensive Easter? How NOT to Break the Bank This Holiday

There's no doubt that holidays such as Christmas can put a hole in our wallets, but Easter?

According to the National Retail Federation, American's who have decided to celebrate Easter this year are spending on average $152. This sets and new record and is up 4% from last year.

Not in the mood to drop almost 200 dollars this weekend? Here's some things you may want to avoid to not break the bank, or your holiday spirits this Spring.

#1 Food

Over 87% of Americans celebrating Easter spend a majority of their budget on food. Much of this goes to the classic Easter dinner. Combined $5.8 billion nationally will be spend on food for the home for Easter 2017.

In  order to save some money on feeding your loved ones, it may be cheaper to hold a brunch instead. On average, breakfast/lunch foods do not hurt your wallet as much as a full blown dinner would. Make sure when shopping for ingredients, that you make a list and keep to it. Don't let your kids influence you to buy more dessert!!

#2 Candy

Speaking of dessert, candy costs can often add up over the weekend. From Easter eggs full of it, to a side dish full on your coffee table, it's hard to get through the season without splurging on some goodies.

Easter themed candy however, will most likely go on sale the day before Easter, so your procrastination may pay off! However, things may be cleared out by then so make sure you check out which stores still have inventory remaining beforehand. Surprisingly, the dollar store has a wide selection of seasonal candy as well! And of course, make sure you're always on the look out for coupons.

#3 Easter Baskets

What's an Easter without a little gift giving? Easter baskets can be full of candy, toys or pricey prizes. 

The basket itself, can often be replaced by something random in your home, it may not look as glamorous or traditional...but it gets the point across. Save your baskets from years past in order to not have to repurchase yearly. Redecorate them using ribbon, lace, bows, whatever will revamp it from past years. To fill your baskets, the dollar store can offer a variety of gift worthy trinkets. Feel free to checkout pinterest.com for lots of cute basket ideas that won't break the budget.

#4 Decorations

From centerpieces, flowers.... and ceramic bunnies? Making your home look like a Spring time wonderland may not be the best on your finances. 

Become a DIY master! Again, Pinterest.com has so many do-it-yourself ideas that won't put you in the hole, but will make your home inviting. Many discount and dollar stores also carry Easter decor, such as place settings, napkins, wall hangings etc. Make sure to keep and store your decorations to be used yearly.

However, you and your family celebrate this holiday, make sure you use the tips to decrease your end of the weekend tab. 

And if Easter isnt for you, have a safe and fun weekend from all of us at the Quickbooks Gal!

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