Need a Raise? Here's How to go About it

HOW TO: Asking for a Raise

You think you deserve more for your effort, but it may be nerve wracking asking for recognition. Here are five ways to go about approaching your boss about a raise according to

1. Avoid asking towards the beginning of the week
Monday's aren't great for anyone. Monday's are proven to be the most stressful and dreaded day of each week. Asking your boss for a favor on that day is a sure-fire way to receive a negative response.  

2. Capitalize in the mornings
In the mornings, the work place is often the most formal and organized, therefore being a good time to talk to your boss. Studies show that people are the most ethical in the morning, and throughout the day their decision making becomes more inconsistent. Just make sure you have waited for your boss's morning cup of coffee to kick in 😉

3. Save the food for after wards
This one may seem a little odd, but according to studies performed at Cornell University, people tend to be more driven while slightly hungry. Your sense of entitlement increases as well. Also, not eating before a meeting with your superior eliminates the chance of bad breath or overall smell from your meal. 

4. Know who you're asking 
It is super important to know who your boss is on a more personal level if you are going to be asking for a raise. Know what they like and dislike and how they communicate best. If they are talkers, come in knowing what you are going to say. If they are hands on, maybe write up something or print out a summary of what you have completed in the last couple of months to prove you are worthy of a salary increase. 

5. Offer a salary range, instead of a flat number. You never want to over or under shoot yourself. Ranges can come across as the more polite option, instead of asking for a blunt and specific number. Also, if you focus on a single number, it may eliminate the option for even higher pay if your boss knows you are okay with the number you are throwing out.

Studies show a good percentage of people who ask for raise, get SOME kind of pay increase, even if it wasn't what they were aiming for. So what are you waiting for? 

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