QuickBooks Online: New Apps

QuickBooks Online has Apps and Add-On's made to help you get the most out of QuickBooks.

Here a new Apps that have been introduced to QuickBooks Online!


With Shopify you are able to import all your orders through Shopify to QuickBooks, that way you don't have to manually add each product. Plus this means less work for you! 

You can export all your orders into a sales receipt. Choose the dates and the products to create custom sales receipts!

Taxes are automatically added! Shopify will add the Tax to your items for you. That way you know you aren't under charging your customers!

Track your sales in the most detailed way possible with DataQlick
Choose to see your information through statistics, KPI, charts, tables and reports. Save you time and effort!

With DataQlick create, prioritize, tag, communicate and assign tasks to teammates or even clients. DataQlick helps you get your work done fast! Which means more fun time for you!


Be able to track all the information you need for every bottle of wine you create. You can even create labels, tasting summary and more. 

Be able to have all your information at the tip of your fingers. At a wedding? Maybe a convention? Be able to see how much wine you have in stock so you can make sales!

QuickBooks Online is made to help you run your business!

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