QB Gal: QuickBooks For Mac

Are you in love with your Apple Products? Don't Worry, so are we! That's why QuickBooks created QuickBooks For Mac..Created for Mac by Mac users! 

Designed just for your Mac:
Enjoy special features designed just for Mac users! Keep an eye on your business with QuickView in your Mac’s menu bar. Use multiple windows and keyboard shortcuts to speed through common tasks and workflows.

Everything you need in one spot:
Track sales and expenses, create estimates, manage customers, collaborate with your accountant, and more. All in one place! 

Get paid faster:
Create professional-looking invoices and let customers pay you by credit card or bank transfer. Less work for you!

Anytime, anywhere access:
Enjoy QuickBooks on your Mac, smartphone, tablet, and the web. Data syncs automatically so you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips. Just like QuickBooks Online you are able to have access to your QuickBooks anytime, anywhere

Track your expenses:
With QuickBooks for Mac you have an overview of items you have ordered, how much money you owe, and who you have already paid.

Set an overall goal!:
You are now able to create a budget for each year. You then are able to see how well you are doing compared to your goal.

Save time:
You are now able to batch import transactions and send them into QuickBooks. No more needing to do it one at a time.

Want more information about QuickBooks For Mac? Check out our video below!

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