Nevada Minimum Wage

In Nevada there have been some changes regarding Minimum wage and Payroll Rates

There are now two minimum wages in Nevada. 
$7.25 for those who are offered health benefits 
$8.25 for all others

Over Time Rules: 

  • Non-exempt employees paid a base rate of no more than 1 1/2 x the applicable state minimum must be paid O.T. for each hour worked over 8 hours on any workday. 
  • As July 1, 2015 you must pay daily O.T. to workers paid under $12.375 ($8.25 x 1.5) or if you provide Health Benefits, $10.875 ($7.25 x 1.5)
-Dept. of Business and Industry, News Release, 3-31-15; Office of the Labor Commissioner, State of NEvada Minimum Wage and Daily Overtime 2015 Annual Bulletins, 4-1-15-

Payroll Rates and bases                                   2014                                         2015

Employee SS and Medicare                     6.20%/ 1.45%                            6.20%/1.45%
Employer SS and Medicare                     6.20 %/ 1.45%                           6.20%/ 1.45%
Social Security wage limit                        $117,000                                      $148,500
Medicare Wage Limit*                               Unlimited                                     Unlimited
FUTA-taxable wage base                            $7,000                                           $7,000
FUTA rate                                                        6.0%                                            6.0%
FUTA maximum credit                                    5.4%                                           5.4%
Min FUTA deposit rate                                    0.6%                                            0.6%

 * withhold added Medicare tax of .9% on wages over $200,000

Standard Mileage Rates                   2015

Business                                       57.5c/mi
Relocation                                    23.0c/mi
Medical                                        23.0c/mi
Charitable rate                              14.0c/mi

Information found in June, 2015 The General Ledger

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