QuickBooks Online Loves Apple

Are you an Apple Product user? In love with your Iphone? Never too far away from your Mac? Totally obsessed with the Apple Watch?
Well now you can check how your business is doing from almost any Apple products!

With QuickBooks Online App you can check your QuickBooks anytime, anywhere on any smartphone or tablet. 
Track invoices, statements and even inventory! 
Be able to see who has paid and who hasn't!
Take pictures of receipts that transfer over to your QuickBooks, that way you don't have to carry around a bunch of receipts or be scared to lose them! 
With Profit & Loss and the Balance sheet being on the homepage you can always see how your business is doing no matter where you are. At home, the grocery store, even the beach, you are able to check how your business is doing!

Use Touch ID for your log in for the QuickBooks App, that way you know your business information is protected.

Have an Apple Watch? Thinking about getting an Apple Watch?
QuickBooks Online now works with Apple Watch so you can see how your business is doing all on your watch! 

See your account balance, income, expenses and more!

For more information on the new App update for Apple Watch and IPhone visit: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/quickbooks-iphone-ipad-apple-watch-4-3-update/

Have a question or concern? Don't be afraid to call The QuickBooks Gal! We can help your business no matter where you are!


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