QuickBooks Online: Updates Coming Soon

QuickBooks Online has some new updates coming your way!! Here are just a few

  • Hide Information
    • Be able to hide sensitive information and access whenever you need it!
  • Be able to see recent transactions
    • Click the clock icon in the upper left of a transaction form to view a list of recent transactions
  • Timesheet Entry
    • Now more convenient by getting rid of the horizontal scrolling
    • Now be able to see subtotals by days
  • Receive payments by Invoice Number
  • Send statements from customer detail. 
    • Now be able to send a statement from the customer detail page, not just from the group customer screen
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys
    • Be able to use the arrow keys for better navigation around QuickBooks Online.
  • Customer Details
    • Be able to read Customer notes/Details by clicking anywhere on their row

For more information about updates visit:

QuickBooks Online is here to make your life easier! 
Fast and easy setup means you don't have to waste time trying to install it! It is already ready to go as soon as you sign up!
See what is important right away on the Home Page! See what hasn't been paid, and who still hasn't paid you!
Create Invoices that are professional and easy to read!
Data is synced automatically so you don't have to worry about double entries or wasting time entering information.

With QuickBooks Online you can log in anywhere thanks to QuickBooks Online Mobile App

Call the QuickBooks Gal today to get started on QuickBooks Online!


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