QuickBooks Online Update: What's New and Improved

QuickBooks Online just recently released a new update! The QuickBooks Gal is here to tell you what's new and what's been fixed.

Pay bills more efficiently :
Go to Create (+) > Pay Bills
This allows it to be easier to manage and record payments at the same time! No matter how many bills or vendors!
Be able to filter bills for a custom date range
Re-sort bills without leaving and re-entering the Pay Bills page
Now easier to apply credits to multiple bills from the same vendor!

Save a bill and pay it from the same page:
Create (+) > Bill
You are now able to save a bill and then make the payment..all on the same page! 

Permanently delete excluded bank transactions:
 Transactions > Banking > Excluded > Batch actions >  Delete. 

Customer Notes:
QuickBooks Online brought Customer Notes back! Now be able to leave a quick message or reminder about a customer

Reminder: QuickBooks Online rolls out new updates in waves to their customers. If you have not gotten your update yet do not worry, you will soon :) 

For more information visit: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/quickbooks-update-april-29-2015/

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