QuickBooks Online: Home Page Tips

New to QuickBooks Online? Here are a few tips about the Home Page to help you get the best experience with QuickBooks Online

  1. QuickBooks Logo: No matter where you are in QuickBooks Online, press the QuickBooks Logo in the upper left corner and you will go right back to the home page. 
  2. Welcome Guide: If you are new to QuickBooks this will come in handy! This is located on the top of the Home Page. With Step-By-Step directions you can find out how to do anything in QuickBooks Online!
  3. Private Mode Switch: This is located next to your company name and logo on the Home Page. This is useful if you are in a public area (Starbucks, Company meetings) and want to keep certain information private.
  4. Bars in the Income Section: The Income Section on the Home Page is the most important tool. Be able to see who's been paid and who hasn't! 
  5. Activity Feed Filter: This is located on the right side of the Home Page. Be able to see recent invoices, estimates and payments!  

QuickBooks Online is one of our most popular QuickBooks. There are so many reasons why!
See who has paid and who hasn't

Receive invoices fast! With our payments feature your customers can press a "pay now' button and your invoices will be paid instantly via credit card or bank statement. 
Capture receipts photos on your phone or tablet and then attach them to your QuickBooks expenses. No more saving receipts! 
QuickBooks automatically takes in statements from your bank and credit card accounts, this means less work for you and it helps reduce double entry errors

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