QuickBooks Online Mobile App Updates: Have Clients Sign Invoices

QuickBooks Online has apps and add-ons made to help you get the most out of your QuickBooks Experience. QuickBooks Online has a Mobile App so you are able to check your business information anytime, anywhere. On the beach, at the grocery store, even at the In-Laws house you can check how your business is doing from inventory to who has yet to pay you!

Recently there has been an update for QuickBooks Mobile App. Here is what is new and noteworthy!


Own a IPhone 6 or 6Plus? QuickBooks Online Mobile App now works for the bigger screen size

Customer Signatures on Invoices and estimates: Simply tap 'Get Signature' on the bottom of an invoice or estimate and have your customer sign using their finger!


The Profit & Loss has been updated: Be able to choose from 4 different reports and set a date range

Balance Sheet Report: Be able to see current asset, liability, and equity account balances 

IPad and IPhone:

Use Touch ID or a Passcode in order to access QuickBooks instead of inserting your username and password every time 

Thinking about getting an Apple Watch? QuickBooks Online Mobile App now works with the Apple Watch. Quickly see account balances, income, expenses, and open invoice amounts at a glance

For more information on the new update visit:

QuickBooks Online Mobile App is here to make running your business easier! Call the QuickBooks Gal today for more information on QuickBooks Online and if it is right for your business!


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