Common Reconcile Questions

The most common question asked is: why the opening balance always seems to be incorrect.

To understand what makes up the opening balance in a reconcile, open your register:
 (Transactions > Registers > Go to Register)
There should be a narrow column on the right hand side of the screen that has a check mark at the top of the column. This column will indicate the status of each transaction:

  • Any transaction with the status of R in the check mark column affects the opening balance regardless of date, type, or amount.
  • Any transaction with the status of  C or blank in the check mark column does not affect the opening balance.  

If the last reconcile balanced correctly, but your opening balance is still incorrect, one of the following scenarios has taken place after the reconciliation:  

Transaction(s) were edited in the register and the reconcile column was changed to show the wrong status as follows: 

  • Unreconciled transactions were incorrectly marked with a R so they affect the opening balance (they should not).  
  • Reconciled transactions were incorrectly marked a C or left blank so they no longer affect the opening balance (they should). 

Transaction(s) marked  R with were deleted from the register. 

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