Are You New To QuickBooks?

Here are a few tips for a smooth start to QuickBooks!

Always back up:
There is no such thing as too many back ups, always back up after each session. You can back 
up to a network drive, external drive, CD, or to the Intuit Data Protect service. Before you do 

anything in QuickBooks that you’re are unfamiliar with, make a backup, and then move forward.

Memorized Report List:

Whenever you change the settings for a report, you can record those changes by saving the 

report in the Memorized Report list. Then when you want to create a similar report, you can just 

go to the Memorized Report list to reuse those settings.

Add your favorites to the icon bar!
Save time by customizing your icon bar by adding the features and reports that you open daily 

or weekly. You can add most windows to the icon bar by going to View menu and choosing 

Add [Window name] to Icon Bar. 

Take shortcuts:
Here are a few shortcuts that will help you save time in QuickBooks!

Increase Transaction Number+ (plus key)
Decrease Transaction Number- (minus key)
Open Write ChecksCtrl + W
MemorizeCtrl + M
Open the Chart of AccountsCtrl + A
Open a New (anything)Ctrl + N
Open InvoicesCtrl + I
Open the Customer CenterCtrl + J
Enter dates:
Next day+ (plus key)
Previous day- (minus key)
First day of the WeekW
Last day of the weeKK
First day of the MonthM
Last day of the montHH
First day of the YearY
Last day of the yeaRR
Date from calendarAlt+down arrow

Ask for Help:

The QuickBooks Gal is always here for your QuickBooks needs.

Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal!


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