QuickBooks Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Computers are becoming more popular as the years go on, and many people don't know the easy shortcuts they can use to enhance their QuickBooks experience.  Here's a table of keyboard shortcuts that may make navigating around QuickBooks with your Mac a little smoother.
QuickBooks > PreferencesCommand-, (comma)
QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooksCommand-H
QuickBooks > Hide OthersOption-Command-H
QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooksCommand-Q
File > New CompanyOption-Command-N
File > Open CompanyCommand-O
File > Close CompanyOption-Command-W
File > Close windowCommand-W
File > PrintCommand-P
Window > MinimizeCommand-M
Help > QuickBooks HelpCommand-?
Display contextual menuControl-click
Display product and company file informationCommand-1
Edit > UndoCommand-Z
Edit > CutCommand-X
Edit > CopyCommand-C
Edit > PasteCommand-V
Edit > Insert LineCommand-Y
Edit > Delete LineCommand-B
Edit > EditCommand-E
Edit > NewCommand-N
Edit > DeleteCommand-D
Edit > MemorizeCommand-+ (plus)
Edit > Transaction HistoryCommand-U
Edit > Copy TransactionOption-Command-C
Edit > Go To TransferCommand-G
Edit > Show ListCommand-L
Edit > Use RegisterCommand-R
Edit > FindCommand-F
Delete character to left of insertion pointDelete
Increase check or other form number by one+ (plus key)
Decrease check or other form number by one- (minus key)
CancelCommand-. (period)
Lists > Chart of AccountsShift-Command-A
Lists > Customer:JobsShift-Command-J
Lists > EmployeesShift-Command-E
Lists > ItemsShift-Command-I
Lists > Memorized TransactionsShift-Command-M
Lists > VendorsShift-Command-V
Customers > Create InvoicesCommand-I
Banking > Write ChecksCommand-K
Reports > Transaction JournalCommand-T
Moving around a windowShortcut
Next fieldTab
Previous fieldShift–Tab
Report column to the rightRight Arrow
Report column to the leftLeft Arrow
Report row below orline below in form detail areaDown Arrow
Report row above orline above in form detail areaUp Arrow
Display list if cursor is in combo box field like the Customer:Job field in the Create Invoices windowNote: This keyboard shortcut may interfere with the same shortcut used in the Mac OS program Spaces. To prevent this, go to the Mac OS system preferences and change the keystrokes for Spaces.Control–Down Arrow
Down one screenPgDn
Up one screenPgUp
First item on list or first transaction of a month in registerCommand-PgUp*
Last item on list or first transaction of a month in registerCommand-PgDn*
First transaction in registerCommand-Home*
Last transaction in registerCommand-End*
Close all windows in QuickBooksShift-+ click the close box
Next day+ (plus key)
Previous day- (minus key)
First day of the weekw
Last day of the weekk
First day of the monthm
Last day of the monthh
First day of the yeary
Last day of the yearr

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