Outsourced Bookkeeping Support

Important Questions to Ask Potential Service Providers

Basic Questions:

• What software(s) do you use?

• Do you charge for your initial consultation?

• Do you offer a Flat Fee for Service Rates?  Hourly Rates?  Project Rates?

• Do you charge a set-up fee?  If so, what does it cover and how much is that?

• Do you use services such as Drop Box, Cross Loop, or Google Drive for File Transfers?

• Do you have an office or do you work from home?  What is your office address?

• Do you have staff or will we only be working with you?

• Can you log in to work remotely?  Join.me, Logmein.com, Go to My Pc, for example.

• Will you work in our office or yours?

• Can you pick up and deliver?

• What are your hours?

• Do you work weekends?

• Do you have a couple of CPA’s that you work with?  Can you suggest one for us if needed?

• How long have you been in business?

• Do you have any recommendations if this is not a service you can provide?

Do You Do Payroll?

• If yes, do you print the checks or do we?

• Do you pay the taxes online or do we?

• Do you file the Quarterly Payroll Reports?

• Do you prepare W-2’s and 1099’s?

We Need Bookkeeping!

• Can you provide off-site full charge bookkeeping?

• What if we just bring to you at month end?

• Do you work with Hosted Services such as Right Networks?

• Do you use QuickBooks Online?  If so, how experienced are you and can you give us a

comparative of that vs. Desktop?

• Can you attach your bookkeeping file to our bank online so you can keep our balances current

and reconcile our accounts monthly?

• Will you pay our bills either via our bank bill pay service or by processing checks for us to review,

sign and mail?

• Will you invoice our Customers and process monthly statements??

• Will you receive checks, apply payments and make our bank deposits?

• Do you provide “check-ups” on a periodic basis if we just need some oversight?

• Are you accessible if we have questions or need to speak with you?  Do you charge extra?

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