Using Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks 2008

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Ask the QuickBooksGal!Hi, I'm Jayne Miller, The QuickBooks Gal. Welcome to another in my series of “Quicklets” – informational podcasts about QuickBooks, Peachtree and related bookkeeping topics. Today I want to answer a listener email about using the Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks 2008.

I recently received an email from a listener who had purchased QuickBooks Premier 2008. He noted that the inside flap on the box under the Accountant section states, "Easily exchange & work with client's prior period accounting from all 2007 & 2008 editions." Additionally he quoted the Intuit website which advertises that the new 2008 "IMPROVED!" Accountant's Copy Allows you to exchange, open and adjust virtually all your client's prior period accounting records from all 2007 and 2008 QuickBooks editions."

Unfortunately, when he tried to work on his client's 2007 Accountant's copy, it forced him to update the data to 2008. His concern was that if he proceeded, his client would not be able to upload the file. After several unsuccessful calls to customer service and technical support, he sent me an email. After asking a few pertinent and logical questions, I turned to our technology wizard who found the answer:

You can open Accountant's Copy files created from QuickBooks 2007 or earlier. If you work in a QuickBooks 2007 Accountant's Copy, the file is upgraded to QuickBooks 2008 when you open it, but your client can still import your changes into his or her QuickBooks 2007 company file. Be aware that what you can and cannot do in an Accountant's Copy from QuickBooks 2007 is restricted to the way the features worked in that version of QuickBooks.

Thanks, Lance for the great question! It was a pleasure to be of assistance!

I hope this is helpful to our listeners. If you have a question or a suggestion for a future podcast topic, drop me a line at

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Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal!

I’m Jayne Miller, The QuickBooks Gal. Thanks for listening.

Jayne Miller, is the owner of Custom Business Solutions, is a consulting firm in Reno, NV that specializes in providing bookkeeping and software support. © 2008


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