QuickBooks R4 Update - Accountant's Copy/W-2 Issues

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Hi, I'm Jayne Miller, The QuickBooks Gal. Welcome to another in my series of “Quicklets” – informational podcasts about QuickBooks, Peachtree and related bookkeeping topics.

Today I want to let you know that there is an new QuickBooks Update; R-4 that will fix issues related to the Accountant's Copy Bank Reconciliation and W-2 processing that some of you may be experiencing. This is especially important to those of you who have clients for whom you process payroll and those of us who process our own payroll. QuickBooks 2008 R4 is now available both as an Automatic Update and a Manual Download.

Potential Error in Reconciliation in Accountant's Copy.

  • This error will be prevented with R4. If the error has already been created, please see the Knowledge Base item KBID 1009092 for steps to fix the error.

Several Issues with QuickBooks Payroll and W-2.
  • Without R4, users can make changes to the W-2 form but in some cases the changes aren't being saved.
  • Or, clients can have problems creating W-2s for employees whose names begin with special characters. (NOTE: A QuickBooks Payroll subscription is required to access W-2s and other payroll forms.)

Both of these issues are addressed in R4.

I would like to remind everyone to back up. We're wrapping up 2007 bookkeeping and processing lots of end of year documents such as W-2, 1099, and Quarterly & Annual reports. Let's make sure we are backing up and protecting our work! If you are using an older version of QuickBooks (1999-2005) it's time to think about upgrading to QuickBooks 2008. This is especially important if you are processing Payroll or accepting Credit Cards through QuickBooks. Check out the money saving offers on my blog or visit quickbooksgal.com to shop in our online store.

Well, that’s it for now. I appreciate your time and hope you will join us again next time for another in our Quicklet© series. If there are topics you would like me to cover, send me an email at jayne@quickbooksgal.com. I welcome your ideas, questions, and comments.

Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal!

I’m Jayne Miller, The QuickBooks Gal. Thanks for listening.

Jayne Miller, is the owner of Custom Business Solutions, is a consulting firm in Reno, NV that specializes in providing bookkeeping and software support. © 2008


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