QuickBooks Online Home Page

New to QuickBooks Online?
Here are some tips about the home page to help you get the most out of QuickBooks Online

1) The QuickBooks Logo
No matter where you are on QuickBooks Online, press the logo and you are sent straight back to the homepage

2) Welcome Guide
Have a question or maybe you forget how to add a check, check the Welcome Guide and most of your questions can be answered. Can't find the answer? Call The QuickBooks Gal!

3) Private Mode
Need to do some work at Starbucks? Hide important information with in Private Mode, so wondering eyes don't see

4) Bars in the Income Section
This is the most important part of the home page! See overdue and paid transactions!

QuickBooks Online is made to help make your life easier! 
Have a question or concern? 
Call The QuickBooks Gal today! 

Don't forget QuickBooks Online is mobile, which means you can use it anytime, anywhere! 


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