New Desktop App For QuickBooks Online

Good news QuickBooks Online users! There is now a QuickBooks Online App for Windows and Mac!
Check out the amazing new features:

Get straight into working by just clicking the desktop app!

Pages now load faster, no matter waiting!

You can stay logged in, which means you can start wherever you left off!

Use the same keyboard shortcuts you already know and love!

Save time with automatic refresh of open windows—when you edit an expense, an open report in another window will automatically refresh with the data.

Easily work within multiple windows that you can drag and drop anywhere, even across screens and side by side.

You can fire up the QuickBooks Online App straight from your desktop!

QuickBooks Online is made to help you make running your business a lot easier. With the QuickBooks Online app you can check up on your business anytime, anywhere with any smartphone or tablet!

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