New August QuickBooks Online Apps And Add-On's

QuickBooks Online has Apps and Add-On's made to help you get the most out of QuickBooks Online 

Here are the new apps that have just been released!


Have a lot of receipts, invoices or other types of documents that you need to insert into QuickBooks?
Neat makes it easy for you to upload any type of document and save it into QuickBooks Online with a scanner or mobile device. Simply take a picture using your smart phone and upload it through Neat, which connects to your QuickBooks Online. When you upload the photo of the document Neat finds the important information such as Name, Date, and Amount and inserts it into QuickBooks.

Full Slate:

Have trouble keeping track of all your appointments? Full Slate is your one stop solution for all your appointment needs. Not only can you keep track of when and where your next appointment will be but you can send your customers reminders of their appointment and it even allows your customers to book an appointment with you online!

Buddy Punch:

Buddy Punch allows you to keep track of employees time cards through an app that can be used on desktop or any smart phone device. 
Easily see who is clocked in and who isn't, print out Excel or PDF form that has employee information such as when they worked and how long. With webcam integration and IP address lock you can check to see if your employees are actually working or if they are the ones that did clock in. 

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