QuickBooks 2015 Enterprise Only Shows Total on Forms' Last Page

A lot of people create invoices that are composed of several pages, until now QuickBooks posts the ‘footer information’ on every page. This setting is NOT global; rather it is unique to each specific template. Hiding the total details until the last page creates a more professional, clean communication of details on forms that are provided to customers or vendors.

This new feature setting is found on the Print tab of the Additional Customization settings in the Layout Designer. From the menu bar, select Lists, Templates; from the list of templates displayed, select the template you wish to customize and from the Templates drop-down list, select Edit Template. Click the Additional Customization button, and select the Print Tab.Check the box for the option to Only show Total on the last page.

Cited from William "Bill" Murphy http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/topics/william_bill_murphy/

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