Online Banking: Some Tips and Precautions to Look For

When it comes to QuickBooks often users just download information from the bank or credit card company, categorize it, and that is it. But there is a problem with this and you may be throwing away money so therefore you need a process to validate everything you download. Here are some tips to help you, as a business owner, make sure your bank account is safe:

1)Bank do make mistakes! Banks have different policies but if you don't report problems in a specific amount of time they will not correct the problem.

2)With regular issues with sites being hacked it is important to keep on top of your bank account statements and look out for stolen account information. If you don't report fraudulent charges in a timely manner you will become responsible for those charges which could have been refunded.

3)Also make sure to review your bank statements and do a reconciliation in a timely manner  . Make sure you take the time to go through all your receipts and match them against your bank statement or the transactions that you downloaded from Quickbooks.

4)As an owner of a business it is important that not only your bookkeeper review your account but you do as well so you can identify unknown vendors and other fraudulent activities.

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