Add Manufacturers' Part Number to Templates in QuickBooks 2015

QuickBooks has allowed users to record the Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) as part of their Item details, however there were limited uses for this information. But now, for 2015, you can add the MPN to your Transactions in all version of QuickBooks (as shown below) Simply modify the templates of sales and purchase transaction to include the MPN field from the item record.  If you use the MPN to make purchases from your vendors you will find this new functionality extremely beneficial.

To set-up a template with this new feature begin at the Menu bar, then select Lists and choose Templates. Within the list of templates QuickBooks displays, click once on (to  hightlight) the template you want to modify, then from the Templates drop-down list select Edit Template.  When the Edit Template window opens, click the Additional Customization button, and the pick the Columns tab. Now check the Screen and Print check-boxes to add this field.

Cited from William "Bill" Murphy

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