QuickBooks Update!

QuickBooks Update!

Here’s a list of QuickBooks enhancements for September. Thanks as always for your feedback!

  • Bank feed rules. Process bank feed transactions faster and with more control using bank rules. Create rules to scan bank items for certain details, and then assign specific payees and categories to them. Applied rules appear on the Bank Transactions page here and here. To get started, go to Transactions > Banking > Update > Manage rules (upper right corner). And look for a separate article on how to use rules coming soon!

  • Send later. A Send later checkbox now appears on invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and related recurring transactions. This lets you change whether you want an individual form to be added to the send queue. Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate/Sales Receipt/Credit Memo.

  • Preview and customize statements. When you click Create statement in the Action column on the Customers list, you can now preview statements, as well as edit the email subject and body, before sending and printing.

  • QuickBooks Labs. Be one of the first to try out experimental new QuickBooks plugins. Opt in or out any time! Gear > QuickBooks Labs.

  • Timesheet changes:
    •  A Billable checkbox now appears in weekly timesheets. Create (+) > Weekly Timesheets.
    • QuickBooks will warn you when you edit a timesheet that is linked to an invoice.
    •  Clicking the Save and new button defaults the date to that of the last saved single time activity instead of today’s date.
    •  Selecting a service item now includes its corresponding description.
    • The Bill field is no longer obscured on narrow-width browser windows.
    • When you click Copy last timesheet on weekly timesheets, you can now either add to or overwrite the existing timesheet.

  • Other fixes/improvements. This includes, but isn’t limited to:
    •  The process has improved for identifying transactions made with a declined credit card.
    •  The bank feed Description column is now resizable. Transactions > Banking.
    • Voided invoices are now labeled correctly on printouts, and appear on an exported sales transactions list.
    • Batch printing matches the sort order of the Sales Transactions list (ref. no, alphabetical, etc.).
    •  Entering the exact amount on the Receive Payment form automatically checks the matching invoice.
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