Five New Features in QuickBooks 2015!

Five New  Features in QuickBooks 2015

QuickBooks 2015 came out this September and you may be wondering why should you upgrade. Here are some new features in QuickBooks 2015

Feature 1: Prevent Negative Inventory

In the past QuickBooks has allowed you to sell more of an item than you have in stock. When this happens the item’s quantity went negative, and that had a long ramifications on an item’s average cost. New in 2015 QuickBooks Enterprise is a preference to prevent negative inventory. With this preference, QuickBooks will prevent posting transactions, such as invoices and sales receipts that would result in a negative quantity.

Feature 2: Income Tracker v2

The Income Tracker is designed to simplify customer income tracking. Income tracker lets you drill down into various transactions types by simply clicking on corresponding color blocks on the top visual bar. It also provides the option to ‘take action’ relative to the specific details you identify. New for 2015 you can see your unbilled time and expenses, as well as control which unbilled details you want to have shown in the tracker. You can easily convert ‘time and expense’ entries  to invoices from the action button of any individual entry, or by selecting multiple entries and choosing batch action option.

Feature 3: Send Copy to Accountant

New in 2015, you can send a copy of your company file to your accountant directly from QuickBooks by saving it on any Internet-based shared folder.

Feature 4: Report filters for “Other 1” and “Other 2 Columns on transactions

New in 2015 you can now filter reports using “Other 1” and/or “Other 2” data sets. To filter by these reports you simply click Customize Reports, then in Modify Report window, choose the Filter Tab. You can then select the “Other 1” and “Other 2”, or both and then enter specific information you wish to filter.

Feature 5: Reporting Enhancements

This new feature allows you to post comments on your reports.

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