How to Fix an Unbalanced Balance Sheet

To fix the unbalanced Balance Sheet, you need to do a few things:

1.       Print your Balance Sheet, Process Step I, and then review the Balance Sheet to see if problems are corrected.

2.       If not, do all of the following steps.

3.       Be very sure to make a couple of BACKUPS before you get started.

Step I

In Single User Mode with NO ONE ELSE LOGGED IN, make a backup
Then, note where the data is stored...the path to the server
Then, go to Write Checks and open a form
In the Payee Window, CLICK ONCE, then press Ctrl L to bring up a screen with names
In the bottom left of this screen is the word NAME with a drop-down arrow
Select the drop-down arrow and then select RESORT LIST

This will re-sort all lists in your QB file. This is one of the major contributing factors to your issue

Step II
Go to File>>>Utilities>>>Rebuild Data
Follow instructions to complete this task
If you have no issues or errors, move to Step III

Step III

Make a PORTABLE back up it to your desktop or to a flash drive so you can easily find it for Step IV

Step IV

Restore the Portable Backup you just created to the Source of your Data on the server
Review the Balance Sheet to see if that fixed the problem 

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