Tips and Tricks!

New to QuickBooks?
Don't worry the QuickBooks Gal is here!

Here are some tips for a smooth start to QuickBooks!

  • Start out small!:
    • As a beginner you should create only the accounts and items you need to get going. Then add more as necessary.
  • Back up!:
    • Always, always back up your QuickBooks! You can back up to a network drive, external drive, CD, or to the Intuit Data Protect service. Before you do anything in QuickBooks that you’re are unfamiliar with, make a backup, and only then move forward.
  • Try it in the sample file!:
    • Doing something new? The sample files contain items and services typically performed by particular business types. You can use these files to try out new features you may not be familiar with and to experiment.
  • Ask for Help!:
    • QuickBooks can be confusing but that is why I am here!

Have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks?? Call The QuickBooks Gal today!


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