Check Fraud

Check Fraud is more common than you think! It's actually more common than credit card 
fraud, making up more than 4 in 5 fraud attempts. About 30% of small business fail each year due to fraud. Don't be part of that statistics and order Intuit’s Secure Checks!

But why would you pay for Intuit checks when you can probably go to somewhere else and get the same thing for much less?
Those other vendors might say “QuickBooks checks,” but they’re not. The only checks designed specifically for QuickBooks by the makers of QuickBooks are these. Other checks may not align properly for printing, and even if they do now, they may not with future versions of QuickBooks.

Intuit’s checks are designed by FBI fraud trainer Frank Abagnale and have 27 overt and covert features designed to keep you safe! 
 Secure checks help prevent fraud and element it. If you would rather not deal with fraud at all, secure checks is the best way to go!

Intuit Checks are made to keep you and your business safe! 

Have any more questions call the QuickBooks Gal!


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