QuickBooks Online: How To Add An Employee

QuickBooks Online: How to add a new employee!

When adding a new employee please make sure that you have their W-4 with you!

Note: You must complete all the pay details for your employees before you can pay them.

To add an employee:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Employees.
  2. Click Add employee.
  3. Enter the employee's name and complete these steps:
    1. Click Enter W-4 form, and then enter the employee's withholding information.
    2. Select how often to include this employee in a payroll run.
    3. Select how you pay this employee, and enter how much. Click Add additional pay types to add a second hourly rate or other types of pay such as Overtime or Sick Pay.
    4. Under Does this employee have any deductions?, click either the pencil icon or Add a new deduction.
    5. Under How do you want to pay this employee?, click the pencil icon to select another way to pay, such as direct deposit.
  4. Then click done!

Remember to have the following information about your employee to report to the state. Remember all states require that you report new employees:

  • A completed Form W-4
  • Direct deposit information, if the employee wants it
  • Personal information, such as first and last name, home address, gender, birth date, and email address
  • Employment location and hire date
  • Pay rates, types of pay, pay schedule, and pay method
  • Tax information, such as Social Security number, federal and state filing status, and allowances
  • Deductions, such as pretax deductions, after-tax deductions, retirement plans, garnishments, and company contributions
  • Paid time off, based on vacation and sick pay policies

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