FAQ: Checks and Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions about Checks and Supplies:

  1. "Why should I buy Intuit Checks from you, when I can get them somewhere else for cheaper?"
        • Other Vendors may say they are "QuickBooks Checks" but there is a good chance that they aren't. The only checks for QuickBooks by the makers of QuickBooks is the Intuit Checks we provide for you. 
2. "What's the difference between Pro and Premier checks?"
        •  Premier has more security protections: the security hologram on the front of the checks. The hologram makes scanning or copying nearly impossible.
3. "Other Vendors have security features, why should I pay more for Intuits secure checks?"
        • Not all security checks are alike. Intuit’s checks have 27 overt and covert features designed to keep you and your business safe. Intuit protects your checks with state-of-the-art security all the way from manufacturing to your door.
4. "If someone defrauds me I can just go to my bank and they can refund me right?" 
        • You have a very limited time to catch frauds. If you don’t catch it in time, your bank is not required to fully reimburse you. The median fraud loss is $150,000. That’s why it’s wise to invest in fraud prevention.
5. "I already have positive pay with my bank."
        • Positive pay does not guarantee to protect you in all cases. Secure checks help prevent fraud and element it. If you would rather not deal with fraud at all, secure checks is the best way to go.  
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