Check Fraud: What You Need To Know

You are probably not aware that fraud is very common. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about Check Fraud

1: Check fraud is more common than credit card fraud, making up more than 4 in 5 fraud attempts.

2: Check fraud is no small hassle: It costs businesses a median of $150,000 and causes 30% of small businesses to fail each year.

3: Relying on banks to reimburse fraud is a huge mistake. Most of the time banks aren't even required to fully reimburse you.

4: The popularity of electronic payments hasn't slowed down check fraud, because new technology makes forgery easier than ever.

5: If a criminal washes one of your checks and pays someone else with it, the check recipient might be legally entitled to keep your money.

Don't worry with Intuit Secure Checks you are able to protect yourself and your business. 
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