Typing Shortcuts in QuickBooks For Mac

Wondering how to do some shortcuts in QuickBooks for Mac? Here is a list of some typing shortcuts to make life easier.

General                                                        Shortcut                 
QuickBooks > Preferences                         Command-, (comma)
QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooks               Command-H    
QuickBooks > Hide Others                     Option-Command-H
QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooks                 Command-Q
File > New Company                           Option-Command-N
File > Open Company                               Command-O
File > Close Company                        Option-Command-W
File > Close window                            Command-W
File > Print                                            Command-P
Window > Minimize                             Command-M
Help > QuickBooks Help                     Command-?
Display contextual menu                     Control-click
Display product and company file information         Command-1

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