Exporting Names for Mail Merge in QuickBooks for Mac

You can select names and addresses from your QuickBooks records to merge with documents you
create with a word processor. This feature works with all QuickBooks lists of names
(Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, and Other Names). For example, you can create a form letter to
your vendors in your word processor and have your vendors' names and addresses incorporated
automatically into the letter.

To export names for mail merge:

1 Choose File > Export > Addresses To Text File.

2 In the Select Addresses for Export window, choose the names you want to merge.

3 (Optional) Select the “Include jobs” checkbox to include the jobs associated with the
customers you selected. Select this checkbox ONLY if there is a different name or
address for each job. If the customer name and address are the same for each job,
leave the checkbox clear (otherwise, you'll end up with duplicate form letters to the
same name and address).

4 Click OK.

5 Enter a filename for the names and addresses you selected. The file is a tab-delimited
file that contains name and address information for the names you selected.

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