How to Send your Customers an invoice in QuickBooks for Mac

Any time that you do something or sell something for a customer, they need to pay you. If they don't pay you on the spot, then you can send them an invoice so they'll pay you later.

If you have an open estimate for a customer, QuickBooks lets you know this when you select  the customer name on the invoice. You can then select which estimate you want to use to create an invoice.

Creating or editing an invoice:
1. Choose Customers; Create Invoice.
2. To create a new invoice, click the "Create an Invoice" on the left panel or click the + at the bottom of the      list. To edit an invoice, select an invoice in the list on the left panel.
3. Enter the information for the invoice, and click Save.

Note: You can also create invoices using the Customer Center and Transaction Center.

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