Easy Keyboard Commands For QuickBooks Online!

Here are some keyboard commands that will help you get your work done faster! Which means more play time for you!

To Enter Dates:
Next Day + (plus key)
Previous Day - (minus key)
Today  T
First Day of the Week W
Last Day of the Week K
First day of the month M
Last day of the month H
First day of the year Y
Last day of the year R
Press Alt + Down arrow to open the popup calender icon to the right of a Date field.

To do a calculation in a Amount or Rate field, enter the calculations (ex. 123.45*1.05) and press Tab. QuickBooks Online will calculate and enter the result! 

To save a form or a transaction, type Alt +S (Alt + Shift +S in Firefox) 

If you have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks we are always happy to help!
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