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Welcome to the QuickBooks Minute. I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal.

I’m constantly surprised by how many QuickBooks users either have NO password on their files, or who have only one “main” password for the entire office to use.
This is a terrible idea!

Everyone who uses your QuickBooks file should have their own user name and password. Let's review two very important reasons for individual, unique user names & passwords.


QuickBooks has a great built in feature called an “audit trail” which will let you go back and research who did what. In newer versions, the audit trail is always on.

It will tell you that Jayne deleted check 1234 on March 5th – but only if Jayne is logged in under her own name.

If everyone uses the same user name, then you will only know that “Someone” deleted that check.

Second, and very importantly:

It is human nature, that despite the fact that we shouldn’t, we often use the same password in QuickBooks as we do in other places such as our online banking.

If all of your employees know that ”jellybean” is the QuickBooks password you set up, one of them might just guess that it is also your password for your online banking, email, or online trading account as well.

Guard your passwords and your online security by giving everyone a unique password and user name. If you are the administrator change your password periodically and take care that you do not share it with anyone.

And never, never, never use the same password for any file or program
in your office that you do for financial or personal security.

That's today's QuickBooks Gal minute.
Please come back for more tips and tricks for QuickBooks users.

I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal. Thanks for listening.

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