W-2, 1099, and Quarterly Reporting – Last Minute Tips

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Hi, I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal and your host for another in our weekly series of QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Podcasts.

My company, Custom Business Solutions, is a consulting firm in Reno, NV that specializes in providing bookkeeping and software support. In addition, we now have an onsite classroom where we provide classes and hands-on training. Please visit our website, www.quickbooksgal.com, for information and schedules.

Today I would like to talk one more time about W-2’s; 1099’s, Quarterly and Annual reports. All of these should be processed and mailed by now, but just in case you still have questions, I’d like to recap these processes and deadlines:

January 31st Deadlines

• State Unemployment Taxes & Forms should be completed, filed and liabilities paid by Jan 31st.
• Local returns and liabilities are usually due on the last day of January; check your local regulations.
• 941 4th Quarter 2006 report is due and should be postmarked by Jan 31, 2007.
• 940 Annual FUTA return is due and should be postmarked by Jan 31, 2007.
• W-2’s are due to be distributed to employees or postmarked no later than Jan 31, 2007.
• 1099’s (Miscellaneous, Interest, etc) must be postmarked no later than Jan 31, 2007.

February 28th Deadlines

• Federal copy - W-2; W-3 transmittal enclosed – postmarked no later than Feb 28. 2007. Mail these to Social Security Administration, Data Processing Center, Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18769.
• Federal copy – 1099 – 1096 transmittal enclosed – postmarked no later than Feb 28, 2007. Mail these to the Internal Revenue Service; use the address on the 1096 transmittal form that is designated for your state.

February Tasks

• Store 2006 payroll records
• Date stamp all reports listed above with the dates you mailed them
• Attach certified mailing receipts if applicable
Download W-4 2007 form from irs.gov and distribute to employees and update payroll records with any changes to employee addresses or withholding data.
• Clean up payroll file in QuickBooks and make former employees inactive.
Download W-9 form from irs.gov and mail to new subcontractors/vendors.
• Create a checklist for quarterly and end of year tasks; you’ve just completed these tasks, so now is a great time to create a spreadsheet or document with a checklist of these tasks, processing notes and deadlines so you will have a handy tool next year. You can modify the checklist for use on a quarterly and year-end basis. This is especially helpful if you have multiple clients…helps to assure you don’t forget anything.

This will be the last time we address this topic until next December. If you have any further questions, please send me an email and I will be very happy to answer or be of assistance.

Well, that’s it for today. I appreciate your time and hope you will join us again soon. Don’t forget to visit our websites, www.quickbooksgal.com, or www.custmbiz.com, for more information about me and our services. You can send me an email at jayne@quickbooksgal.com if you have questions or would like to enroll in our weekly QuickBooks classes. We’ll be expanding our schedule and the classes offered in the Spring, so be sure to check our site often.

I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal. Thanks for listening!


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