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Hi, I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal. Today’s Quick-Pod is devoted to preserving your data. Too often, I get calls from clients or potential clients who have just suffered a computer crash and discover at this unfortunate that they don’t have a back up.

Many people are either intimidated by technology and the data backup process; others forget, are lazy, or just don’t understand the value of regular back ups. Here are some tips to prevent a catastrophe in your future.

1. Create a back up schedule – this should be a daily routine. If you process multiple client accounts, you should backup every time you access the client’s file.
2. Purchase a flash drive or CD’s so you can create a data backup on an external medium…. be sure to remove it from the computer at the end of the day…. if your computer crashes, you don’t want the disk to be corrupted or damaged in the process.
3. Purchase an external hard drive. I have one that uses a USB connection and is equivalent to my computer’s hard drive space. I back up to this drive regularly.
4. Make at least one complete backup of all the data files on your computer. Again, I suggest the external hard drive…you can get one for about $75 with a very large capacity.
5. Learn how to back up and create a disciplined routine.
6. If you are not using QuickBooks 2007, add the date to your data backups. An example of this would be to add 02.07.07 to the file name just before you save the file (ysabelscloset02.07.07.qbb).

I’ll be back soon with another Quick Pod. Thanks for listening. Visit my website at www.quickbooksgal.com or email me at jayne@quickbooksgal.com with questions or comments.

I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal. Thanks for listening.


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