October QuickBooks Online Updates

QuickBooks Online has updated! Here are the new features!

Inventory Tracking:

"Item" Drawer:
Clicking NEW now displays a drawer where it allows you to create a new product or service
Gear > Lists > Products and Services > New.

Three Item types:
QBO only allowed you to have two item types, now there are three!
Inventory Item: Any item you buy or sell and need to track the quantity you have on hand 
Non-Inventory: Any item you buy but don't need to track the quantity
Service: Any service you provide to customers, such as training or installation 

Bank Feeds:

Mark a bank transaction as a billable expense and assign it to a customer:
 Left nav > Transactions > Banking
Find the transaction, click billable then chose the customer to bill it to.

Add an attachment to a bank transaction:
Ever wanted to attach the receipt or a photo to a bank transaction? Now you can!
Left nav > Transactions > Banking
Find transaction then click attachment

Register is now on the homepage so you can access it quicker!

1099-MISC forms available for tax year 2015:
Left navbar > Vendors > Prepare 1099s > Tax Year >  2015

For more information visit:

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