It's Flu and Cold Season!

Flu Season is upon us! That means it is time to prepare ourselves to not get sick!

Way to prevent it:
Wash hands regularly
Drink plenty of liquids, water, soup, ect
Get a Flu Shot! Most places with a pharmacy give flu shots for a cheap price, some may even do free days! 

When that doesn't work:
Time to start getting better!

Drink plenty of tea: With honey and lemon!
Drink plenty of water! 

Disinfect everything! Door handles, sinks, vacuum, wash your sheets a few times till you are done being sick! Wash away all the germs so you don't get sick again or make others in your household sick!

Soup! It's an old grandma trick but it works! Chicken noodle soup is the best, make sure you drink the broth! 

Get plenty of rest, you may not be able to take a day off work or school but it is important to get plenty of sleep! Go to sleep early if you can't take a day off and maybe skip the make-up routine so you can sleep in a little bit later

Take a hot shower, the steamier the better! It will help clear your sinus!

Try and stay away from dairy, it may be tempting to eat all the ice cream in the world when you're sick (after all it is comfort food) but dairy creates a mucus and makes it harder when you're sick to fight off the bug! 

If your cold or flu lasts longer than three days, you should probably see a doctor, it could be a sinus infection which requires medical attention!

Good Luck this flu season and make hand sanitizer your new best friend! 


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