Tips To Get Paid Faster With QuickBooks Online

Want to get paid faster?
Of course you do! 
With QuickBooks Online you can!
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Change your payment term to Net15, meaning your customer has to pay you in 15 days or less
To set payment terms, click Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Sales form content > Preferred invoice terms.
If you think your clients will not understand what Net15 means, simply change it to in 15 days. You can even set it for Net30 if you want to give your customers more time.

Check in with your customers before emailing the invoice.
You can call or email asking how if they loved your service and if there is anything more you can do, then tell them that their invoice will be coming to them shortly.

How to Send an Online Invoice
With QuickBooks Online you can create invoices with your logo and a small text informing your customer that they have a payment due..even better they can pay you right from the email!

To set it up, click Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Online delivery > Email options for invoices >  Online invoice
Then just create the invoice with the customer email and information, press save and send. QuickBooks Online will automatically update saying you have customers that have payments due. Your customer will get an email saying how much they owe and a link for them to pay you, right from the email! Once the payment has gone through QuickBooks Online will update it for you..less work for you!

Send a follow-up reminder for past due payments!
You might have a few customers that "forget" they have payments due. With QuickBooks Online you can send reminders throughout the month reminding your customer about their payment. 
Click on Customer in the left navigation bar
Click on the OVERDUE bar (The red bar)
Click Send Reminder.
QuickBooks Online will re send the invoices for you. 

And remember to always be polite! Always say please and thank you with every invoice!

QuickBooks Online is the easiest and fastest way to run your business. With the mobile app you can check up on your business anytime, anywhere! 
Now there is a QuickBooks Online Desktop App for Mac and Windows, allowing you to always be signed in, work in multiple tabs at once, and it is faster!
Check out why we love it so much!


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