QuickBooks Online Update

There is a new update for QuickBooks Online! Making it easier to use and creating less work for you!

Inventory Tracking:
Now be able to upload a product image and create individual SKU for every inventory item
Be able to see more products in one list
Copy existing items by clicking duplicate so you don't have to re manually add them
Make multiple inventory items inactive by going down the list and checking the boxes next to your inventory items

There is now a cleaner look to the emails that are sent out to clients reminding them their payments are due. Making you look more professional! 

QuickBooks Online now has a Desktop App for Mac and Windows!
Be able to open your QuickBooks straight from your desktop!
You can even have multiple pages up so you can work on different businesses at once!

QuickBooks Online is made to make your life easier! Call The QuickBooks Gal today to start working on your QuickBooks Online, it does most of the work for you so you can spend more time doing the things you want!


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